The countdown to law school begins!

This summer has been a whirlwind for me. I graduated college in May and these three months have flown by unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Right after graduation I did the Sports Journalism Institute bootcamp at Mizzou, followed immediately by an internship at in Birmingham, Alabama. All of a sudden I glance at the calendar and realize that it’s late July and law school is right around the corner.

I have 21 days until law school orientation. I think sharing my thoughts as I embark on this journey will be helpful for aspiring law students. Here is how I’m feeling three weeks prior to Day 1.

Am I nervous?

Not really. I’m not the type to worry, and I think my approach to law school is helping me keep my nerves down.

A lot of law students go into six figures worth of debt to finance their education. I made the conscious decision to go to a school that gave me a sizeable merit scholarship that will cover most of my tuition. I was admitted into several schools that are much higher ranked than the one I’m going to, but I decided that the name and self-reported employment stats behind those schools weren’t worth introducing financial stress into my life. I was fortunate enough to make it through undergrad with no loans and should be able to keep my law school loans at a reasonable level. I’d advise any future law students to do all they can to crush the LSAT because that will get you scholarship money. Five and even six-figure scholarships are real, you just have to work to get them and sacrifice a little pride when it comes to the rankings game. Trust me, they are out there and you will sleep a whole lot better if you take advantage.

Many people also look at law school as a ticket to a job. I view it as investing in a skill set. It’s easier to be good at a game if you know the rules really well, and laws are the rules to the game of life. Learning how to prepare, properly analyze situations, and build convincing cases are all skills that I think will be useful for me in the future, regardless of whether or not I practice law. I know that I’m making an investment of three years of my life and a significant chunk of cash in exchange for these skills. I have done extensive research and am at peace with my decision.

Am I feeling prepared?

Kinda. I feel as prepared as I’m gonna be, if that makes sense. I haven’t done anything to specifically prepare for law school all summer. I’ve been exploring Alabama, meeting impressive people, and voting in the SEC Preseason Polls instead. Some people do prep courses, but I’ve been told that they aren’t necessary or stupendously advantageous. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks whether or not this is the right move.

How often do you think about law school?

A lot. It’s a huge decision involving time, money, and lifestyle. I’m giving up three years of potential income so I can pay money I don’t have to go to school. I feel fine so I can’t say i’m worried or apprehensive. At the same time, I just want to dive in and get started so I can know what it’s like. The thoughts never really go completely away, especially when you know you have to pack your stuff and drive your jam-packed car from Alabama to Philadelphia pretty soon.

So that’s pretty much it. I’m feeling good. I know I have a challenge ahead of me. I also know that I am fully capable of conquering it. I’m not worried. Part of me wants time to hurry up so I can get started, but a bigger part of me wants time to slow down so I can continue to enjoy living in the Magic City.


2 Replies to “The countdown to law school begins!”

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Swain! I think I’ve soaked up some wisdom from you and the rest of the BGCB staff over the years. Grateful for the work y’all do!


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